Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins at play near the Brisbane River Port, QLD

Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins at play near the Brisbane River Port, QLD

Become a Dolphin Guardian today with all proceeds going to support our ongoing research and education programs for the conservation of dolphins, whales and Our Oceans.

You can ‘adopt’ a wild dolphin from one of the resident communities in Byron Bay or Moreton Bay, Australia.

We have selected an assortment of very special dolphins that we have got to know, just a little over the years, during our research programs. These dolphins have been chosen as ambassadors of their kind.

Your donation to purchase a symbolic adoption from Dolphin Research Australia Inc., will help to protect the dolphins from these communities. The adoptions also make fantastic gifts!

The hardest decision you have to make is which of these special dolphins from Byron Bay or Moreton Bay, Australia, you would like to adopt.

So how does it work?

1. Choose a dolphin

  • Go to our dolphin profile page and select a dolphin


2. Tell us who will become a Dolphin Guardian

  • If the adoption is a gift, make sure you fill out the gift recipients details too
  • Fill in the contact details
  • Please make sure that the details are correct before submitting the form

3. Donate

  • Each adoption is $60 for one year
  • You can make a payment directly through our PayPal system

4. Splashes of happiness & joy! You have become a Dolphin Guardian

  • You or your gift recipient will receive a personalised dolphin adoption package

Check out the profiles of each of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and Australian humpback dolphins up for adoption on the profiles page, You simply have to choose a dolphin from Byron Bay or Moreton Bay (link projects) you like from the profiles page and send us the details and become a guardian. You will receive an exclusive adoption package and benefits.

Please note that your adoption is valid for one year from the time of purchase. We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to renew.

Dolphin Adoption Pack

Dolphin Adoption Pack

Your package will include:
  • An official Adoption Certificate & Welcome Letter
  • A special profile of the adopted dolphin
  • Sticker, magnet and postcard
  • Dolphin Fact Sheet and other information
  • Subscription to Dolphin Research Australia’s newsletters (4 issues a year)
  • A limited edition poster print, exclusive to guardians
  • 10% discount entry to the Dolphin Sighting Network workshops
  • Invitations to special events
  • Specials on merchandise e.g. t-shirts (and other items available in the near future)
  • AND One year subscription to our CetusGeo Whale & Dolphin Emagazine!

All this, for only $60/year for an individual guardianship. Businesses and school groups also have the opportunity to adopt-a-dolphin for only $250/year.


Select the dolphin you want to adopt now >

Where do your funds go?


“Bullwinkle” the Bottlenose Dolphin bowriding in Byron Bay, Australia

By adopting a dolphin with Dolphin Research Australia Inc. you will be helping to conserve and protect dolphins and their marine environment into the future. Your funds will go directly towards helping us continue our research and education programs. More specifically:

  • Increasing the understanding of dolphin ecology and their needs for survival by continuing passive and non-invasive research on wild dolphins.
  • Assessing the impacts of human activities and developing ways to minimise the negative impacts from these activities to protect and conserve dolphins and their environment.
  • Increasing public awareness and knowledge about dolphins, their habitat and how to protect them from harm.
  • Helping to reduce marine debris and pollution
  • Assisting National Parks to rescue and rehabilitate stranded or distressed dolphins

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us to protect these incredible animals and their environment into the future.

Knowledge – Awareness – Action – Change

Conserving Our Seas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I visit the dolphin I adopted?

As they are wild dolphin their exact location on a daily basis is unknown. From our research we know that the community of dolphins in Byron Bay uses the bay on a daily basis and there is good chance to see them from the Cape Byron Lighthouse. If you feel more adventurous, you can also go out on a kayak trip with on of our longstanding sponsors, GoSea Kayaks.

In Moreton Bay the best way to visit these communities is to become an Eco-volunteer and join one of our research expeditions. You can also visit one of the neighboring populations and have a great dolphin watching experience at the Point Lookout Gorge on North Stradbroke Island.

2. Am I the only person adopting the dolphin?

As these are some of the dolphins we have got to know over the years of our research they have been selected as ambassadors of their kind and wild dolphin community. Many people can become a guardian of each dolphin.

3. How often will I receive updates on the adopted dolphin?

You will receive 4 enewsletters a year. These will have updates on the communities of the dolphins after our annual field research surveys. You can also follow our Facebook page where we post regular updates from the field with our Dolphin Dairies. Our Dolphin Diaries include stories from the communities of dolphins we are researching.

4. Where does my money go to?

Your donation will help us to continue our research and education programs. For example, we have used some funds raised through our adoption program to buy necessary equipment for the field and fuel for our boat.

5. Can I adopt a dolphin in another person’s name?

Yes, these adoptions make perfect gifts. If you would like the adoption to be for someone else select “yes” under the question “Is this a gift?” after you entered your details in the adoption form. You will then be given the opportunity of providing the details of the gift recipient.

6. Can the adoption pack be shipped overseas?

Yes we can post worldwide.