About Us

Dolphin Research Australia Inc. is a charitable organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge, conservation and protection of marine mammals and the habitats upon which they rely. Through our research and education programs, we seek to increase the understanding of the ecology of cetaceans and provide for effective mitigation and conservation measures. Our programs aim to connect, engage and empower people to improve the stewardship and efforts to protect the natural environment.

Our Vision

Conserve and protect dolphins, whales and their marine environment through advancing knowledge and understanding.

Our Mission

  •  Aid in the protection and conservation of dolphins and other marine species through research and education.
  • Undertake research into key ecological aspects of dolphins and whales to improve the understanding of their requirements for survival.
  • Advance knowledge on the impacts of human activities on the health of dolphins, whales and the marine environment.
  • Raise environmental awareness and conservation issues through education and training programs

Our research focuses on the population dynamics, social structure, habitat use, behaviour and communication of coastal dolphins.  We also monitor and assess the potential impacts from human activities on coastal dolphins.  We work closely with government and non-government organizations, community groups and the public to improve the management of human activities and the protection of marine mammals and their environment.

We are a charity with major projects in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Charitable registration # CFN/22756; Incorporated Registration INC 9897279.

Common Dolphins

Common Dolphins leaping (c) E. Hawkins


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