Australian humpback dolphin with fishing hook in it’s mouth

Our Dolphins & Our Oceans need your help more than ever! Why not become a Champion for Dolphins and their ocean homes & MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT TODAY?

With more dolphin & whale species being listed as threatened, populations declining & individuals becoming sick, injured or dying from pollution, Your Gift is Urgently Needed Now More than Ever!

Help us continue to aid in the protection & conservation of dolphins and the oceans for another year!

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Check out our Artists for Dolphins Online Store!

DRA T-shirts

DRA T-shirts

Inspired by the Oceans for the Oceans, our Etsy Artists for Dolphins have generously created and donated works to help raise funds for Dolphin Research Australia. Each handcrafted product is a unique piece made with care and love by the artists. We also now have our official Dolphin Research Australia merchandise available through our online store!

Check it all out the Dolphin Research Australia Store

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Adopt A Dolphin for a loved one this Christmas and give a gift that keeps on giving! By becoming a Dolphin Guardian, you’ll be helping to Save Our Oceans and Protect our Precious Dolphins! There are six dolphins from Byron Bay to choose from. Each comes with a unique adoption pack. Order now and receive your package in plenty of time before Christmas! The hardest choice to make is which dolphin to choose!

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sussex inlet dolphin

Sussex Inlet dolphin rescued May 2013

In September 2012 a young female bottlenose dolphin became trapped in Sussex Inlet on the south coast of New South Wales. Unable to return to the open ocean to rejoin her pod she became very tame and began interacting with people. The dolphin became so tame that  she was ultimately at great risk of injury or at some point injuring someone else. A decision was made to capture and return her to the open ocean and Dolphin Research Australia was there to help. Watch the video about this is the story and the journey to set the young dolphin free.

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sussex inlet dolphin

Sussex Inlet dolphin rescued May 2013

Thanks to all the amazing rescue team who relocated the isolated solitary dolphin from Sussex Inlet back to the ocean in May 2013! – The Dolphin Research Australia team joined NPWS, ORRCA, Seaworld, Dolphin Magic, RSPCA volunteers and staff to help a female juvenile dolphin that had become entrapped in the Sussex Inlet, Southern New South Wales.  The rescue rescue went without a hitch! The dolphin was last seen feeding with 5-6 other dolphins 2 hours after release. An incredible sight that none of us could quite believe!

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Humpback Whale Fluke

Humpback Whale Fluke by E. Hawkins (c) 2010

Whale Fest 2011 is set to take off with a bang in celebration of the return of the humpback whales and their local cousins, the dolphins.  Whale Fest 2011 will showcase the rich cultural diversity of the northern NSW region as well as integrating science, conservation, education and art into one event in celebration of the whales returning to our seas on their annual migration.

WhaleFest 2011 will take place on Saturday, June 18 from 2pm until late at Durrumbul Hall, Mullumbimby, and will feature three music stages, market stalls, workshops, food stalls, bonfires, a chai tent, fire twirling, a chill out area, circus acts and movie screenings.

 This years line up includes: Darky Roots; Cheap Fakes; Pacha Mama; Floating Bridges; Loren and the Grow your Owns; Mr. Boinkin and the Mank; The Mick McCombe Band; M. Jack Bee and friends; Garrett Kano and the Mitch Wallace Quartet.

The Whale Fest 2011 is a major fundraising event for SCU’s Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project and is also launching the new Positive Change for Marine Life organisation.  Tickets are $20 and available from

Come along and support the organisations that aim to conserve and protect our seas!!

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Scallop (c) E. Hawkins 2010

You can adopt your very own dolphin from Byron Bay and help support the research.  This month, we will be officially launching our Dolphin Adoption Program. By becoming a guardian of a dolphin, you will be able to keep track and learn about your dolphin with the researchers.  Check out our Adopt-A-Dolphin page for more information on how you can become a guardian.

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Tail (c) E. Hawkins

A controversial live dolphin trader, Chris Porter, is apparently set to release 17 dolphins that are currently being held in a temporary enclosure in the Solomon Islands ready for live export to captive dolphin facilities. The controversial dolphin broker and marine mammal trainer, who trained Tillikum the killer whale when he was at Sealand in Victoria and then became Vancouver Aquarium’s head trainer, has sold 83 dolphins around the world over the last nine years.  Recently disillusioned by the business following the incident with Tillikum who killed a trainer earlier this year and after the release of the Oscar winning film ‘The Cove’, Mr. Porter has now pledged to stop capturing and trading live dolphins and release the last 17 dolphins waiting for transport to captive facilities.  Let’s hope he keeps his word and the dolphins are fit for release back to the wild.  This is a great step forward to stopping the live trade in dolphins industry, however, we need to make sure that it actually happens and the health of the dolphins being released are closely monitored.  – Source Times Colonist, 30th March 2010

Read more:

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Our Very Own Research Vessel!

Odyssey Kayak

DEAP team observing from the new research vessel (c) DEAP 2010

Thanks to our sponsors, the Cape Byron Marine Park Authority, GoSea Kayaks and Bunyips Outdoor camping store we now have our very own research vessel… A Hobie Odyssey kayak!  After a little getting used too, and a few man overboard incidents, we now have the capacity to paddle out into the bay anytime and collect valuable data on the bottlenose dolphins around Cape Byron in their natural environment.

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Cudgen Crk, Kingscliff 2/02/2010

Rescue at Cudgen Crk, Kingscliff, NSW 2/02/2010 (c) DEAP 2010

On the 2nd of February 2010, two bottlenose dolphins were rescued from Cudgen Creek in Kingscliff, NSW. We had received news a few days earlier that there were three dolphins that seemed to be trapped in a very small area in the Creek. We headed up to monitor these dolphins to see if we could solve the mystery of why they were there. 

After 14 days of being in the same area in the Creek, the three dolphins began to show signs of stress and deteriorating health. On the 16th day, two remained (one had disappeared overnight) and it was decided that the authorities needed to intervene to relocate the dolphins back into the open ocean for their own safety. We assisted the authorities and other volunteer organisations in the rescue, and after a long and eventful day, they were released at Fingal Head.  The two dolphins that were rescued were adult males and both headed straight for the serenity of the open ocean.    Gallery >

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