Dorsal Fins

Dolphin Dorsal Fins, Byron Bay, Australia

The Dolphin Watchers Network is an opportunity for anyone to contribute directly to the research, appreciate and learn about dolphins and their environment.  The Dolphin Research Australia Sighting Network is an important initiative that will provide education and awareness throughout the community in addition to improving the understanding of the status and ecology of cetaceans along the Australian coastline.

It is an opportunity for you to help monitor the populations of dolphins in your local area or in areas where you are visiting.  As we, the researchers, can not always be out observing the dolphins all along the coastline, we are appealing to the community for assistance.  In doing so, you can help provide important information on the status and health of dolphins in your area.

Anyone can become a certified dolphin observer by attending one of our regular training workshops held between the Gold Coast, Queensland and Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.  By becoming a certified dolphin observer, your reports will be contributing to the knowledge base of the dolphin populations from south east Queensland to central New South Wales.