Did you know that many dolphin populations don’t migrate? They often live in close proximity to the coast – particularly near estuaries and river entrances. Coastal dolphins are some of the most vulnerable marine species in the world. Their homes are under ever-increasing pressure from threats created by many human activities. Dolphins and the oceans are facing a very uncertain future.

We are asking Schools to get involved and be part of the change to help protect and conserve our precious marine life and oceans.

This year to celebrate International Dolphin Day on 14th April 2018, we are inviting schools in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland to take part in our Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans competition. The competition involves your class or school taking a pledge to help protect dolphins, marine life and the oceans through positive actions.

Competition Prizes include over $550 worth of books for your library thanks to our sponsors from Footprint Books, CSIRO and Pascal Publishing! PLUS your school can name and adopt a dolphin valued at over $250 and a marine education program worth over $180.

Will you help us show the world our community cares about dolphins & the oceans by pledging to taking practical environmentally positive actions?

How to Enter
  • How can your class or school help protect & conserve dolphins and their habitats?
    • Think about different actions that your class or school can keep waterways, estuaries and the oceans healthy and write your messages. What action message is the most popular in your class? This will be what you pledge to do.
    • For more information about dolphins and their conservation, head to the ‘Learn About Dolphins’ page on our website.
  • Create a visual representation of what you pledge to do.
    • You can find some sample pledges on our website or create your own.
  • Take a photo of your pledge.
    • Get creative! The possibilities are endless, but be sure the pledge can be clearly read in your photo. You can take a photo of your pledge with your class or school or create a wonderful artwork with your class.
  • Send in a photo of your pledge to us!
    • Send in your photo/s to Dolphin Research Australia to info@dolphinresearchaustralia.org
    • Our competition panel made up of Dolphin Research Australia committee and a special guest scientist. The panel will vote on their favourites and the most votes will win.

To learn more about the threats and how you can help protect dolphins, check out the Learn About Dolphins & Whales and the Being Dolphin Friendly pages.

Change cannot be made without the helping hands of many!

Will your class or school show the world that you are part of the positive change and
take a pledge to Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans?


Competition closes on 10th April 2018 at 5pm and the winners will be announced on International Dolphin Day – 14th April 2018.


For more information and how to enter, simply click HERE
Download the Care 4 Dolphins Competition Poster HERE

Here’s some of the community taking their pledge to Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans at the Buwangan Day event at Quandamooka Festival 2017.