Byron Bay Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphin

Byron Bay Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphin

You can play an important part in the conservation of our marine environment for future generations by simply supporting the work of Dolphin Research Australia.  There are many different ways you can support our work …

Why Support Dolphin Research?

Dolphins are one of the most charismatic animals inhabiting our world.  They have also capture the imagination and intrigue of humans for generations.  Through sponsoring research some of the many mysteries of dolphins may be uncovered.  Sponsors will be supporting some of the most important research in the marine environment which will not only advance scientific knowledge but also assist in the conservation and protection of one of the most important animals in the marine ecosystems.

Become A Sponsor

The Dolphin Research Australia team recognises the diversity of individuals and business of our community.  To accommodate for this diversity, we have developed five different ways that your business can support Dolphin Research Australia:

  1. Become A Sponsor:
    • Business Sponsor – direct financial contribution
    • Marketing Partner – fundraising through product sales
    • Equipment Sponsor – donation of key equipment
  2. Become a Dolphin Research Australia Member
  3. Adopt-A-Dolphin
  4. Donate & make a direct cash contribution

Each of these sponsorship opportunities has its own list of benefits for you business and staff.  For more information regarding this exclusive opportunity, please contact us directly and we will send you a comprehensive information package for sponsors.

All donations are greatly appreciated and your funds will go directly to the operational costs of the research and investment of essential equipment.

Please contact us at if you would like to receive a sponsorship proposal package for business.

Become A Member

By becoming a member of Dolphin Research Australia, you will be helping to conserve and protect dolphins and their marine environment for generations to come!!

You’ll also get all the benefits of membership including our newsletters, exclusive opportunities, discounts and special offers! Become a Member NOW!


Make A Donation

Your donation to Dolphin Research Australia will be carefully invested to ensure we achieve maximum impact in our high impact initiatives to aid in the protection of our precious marine environment and conserve the species that live within it. Donate NOW!


Become A Volunteer

Are you a professional in your field?  Have you ever wanted to help an organization and donate your time and skills?  We want you!! We have a number of volunteer opportunities available with Dolphin Research Australia Inc.  Click here to find out current volunteer positions available with u.