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By becoming a member of Dolphin Research Australia, you will be helping to conserve and protect dolphins and their marine environment for generations to come!!

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  • Our members are the backbone of our organisation!
  • Receive an annual subscription to our very own CetusGeo Dolphin & Whale Emagazine delivered to your inbox with 2 issues per year
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  • Our members also join us as volunteers in the field, in the office and beyond
  • Receive opportunities exclusive to our members
  • 5% discount on merchandise
  • Special offers to attend event
  • Voting rights with the organisation & attendance at our Annual General Meeting
  • Support Dolphin Research Australia Inc. to continue to advocate for the protection of dolphins, whales and their habitats to ensure their future survival, wellbeing and conservation.


We now have one more BIG reason to become a member! With your annual membership you’ll now receive SUBSCRIPTION to our CETUSGEO Whale & Dolphin Magazine! Delivered electronically to your inbox and available EXCLUSIVELY to our members and dolphin adoptions!

Where Do Your Membership Funds Go?

  • We are so grateful to our members for their support and all funds received are stretched as far as they can go!
  • Annual memberships help us to continue our day-day work to achieve the vision and mission of Dolphin Research Australia to protect and conserve dolphins, whales and their habitats into the future.
  • Help us to invest in and grow our education and research programs
  • Produce our emagazine
  • Provide opportunities for members
  • Help us to produce education materials for the public and attend community events
  • and so so much more!

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All our memberships are valid for one year and can easily be renewed. The payment process is set up as one time only and your membership will not be automatically renewed. But you will receive a notice from us when your membership is up for renewal.


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