Dolphins are under threat from an ever increasing number of human threats  – with increasing levels of pollution, decreased prey, habitat degradation, increased coastal developments, entanglements in fishing gear and so many more, all contributing to increasing the stress and compromising the health of dolphin populations.

Our coastal dolphin populations and their ocean habitats need your help NOW!

Australian humpback dolphin with fishing hook in it's mouth

Australian humpback dolphin known as ‘Mitchie’ with a fishing hook in his mouth.

You can become an integral part of the future of dolphins and the oceans by giving generously today!

Your Tax Deductible Donation to Dolphin Research Australia Inc.will help us continue our long-term research, education, advocacy and conservation programs. We simply can’t do this work without your generous donation!

Your generous donation will be carefully invested to ensure we achieve maximum impact to aid in the protection of our precious marine environment and conserve the species that live within it.

Make a Tax Deductible Donation NOW!

$50 – will help us deliver education programs to indigenous & wider communities in regional & metropolitan areas both in Australia & internationally

$100 – will help us to assist to rescue dolphins in need and take action to conserve areas of coastline around Australia

$200 – will help us get the research team on the water for 1 day and to identify areas of critical marine habitat, particularly for vulnerable communities, populations & species of dolphins & promote marine sanctuaries

$500 – will help us continue our long term research programs, educate communities and advocate for the protection of critical habitat & the marine species that rely on these areas for survival

Other Amount – Every dollar goes a long way with our grass roots charity & continue to educate, advocate and help to conserve & protect dolphins and their ocean habitats for many generations to come!

We Thank You for Your Support!!!


Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins socialise in Byron Bay, Australia

*Donations over $2 are tax deductible – please see the Australian Tax Office website for information about Tax Deductible donations.