Did you know that many dolphin populations don’t migrate? They often live in close proximity to the coast – particularly near estuaries and river entrances. Coastal dolphins are some of the most vulnerable marine species in the world. Their homes are under ever-increasing pressure from threats created by many human activities. Dolphins and the oceans are facing a very uncertain future.

We asked Schools to get involved and be part of the change to help protect and conserve our precious marine life and oceans to celebrate International Dolphin Day 2018.

The competition asked schools to make a pledge to help protect dolphins, marine life and the oceans through positive actions.

Competition Prizes included over $550 worth of books for your library thanks to our sponsors from Footprint Books, CSIRO and Pascal Publishing! PLUS your school can name and adopt a dolphin valued at over $250 and a marine education program worth over $180.


Announcing the Winner of the Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans School Competition 2018!

We want to send a big thank you to all the schools and classes who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! The competition entries were amazing and the votes submitted by our judging panel were very close.

A BIG congratulations to Blakewood Public School Year 1/2, the overall winner! The class gets some great new books for their library, to name and adopt one of their local dolphins and a visit from the Dolphin Research Australia education team! The winning class entry was a multimedia presentation that combined the voices of the children reciting their pledge and voices of the dolphins.

A BIG congratulations also to Mt Gravatt State High School Year 12 Geology Class who is the overall runner up and high school winner!  The class used over 100 bottles to create their sculpture of a bottlenose dolphin and pledged to recycle all plastics in the school and clean the nearby creeks.

The level of entries were so incredible and inspiring, the judges also decided to award all entries the opportunity to name and become symbolic guardians of their very own dolphin from their region. The dolphins chosen belong to populations that we have been studying for some years and have got to know. We can’t wait to hear what names our Dolphin Heroes give their dolphins!

Check out the incredible entries from Schools and their visual pledges below.

Congratulations to the Winners & Thank you to all the teachers and students for helping to Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans!

To learn more about the threats and how you can help protect dolphins, check out the Learn About Dolphins & Whales and the Being Dolphin Friendly pages.

Change cannot be made without the helping hands of many!






We also asked some of the Community to take a pledge to help Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans too. Check out what they’ve pledged.

Here’s some of the community taking their pledge to Care 4 Dolphins & Our Oceans at the Buwangan Day event at Quandamooka Festival 2017.