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Caring for the Oceans

“We want to encourage students to remain connected with the remarkable patterns of Nature which shape the Planet. As we learn to look around us, observe, be silent and receptive to the process and trust it, we gain insights and knowledge to make the changes that are necessary in our world. The teacher’s mission is to create a sacred space and environment that promotes the conditions for such a journey.”

– Isabela Keski-Frantti, Dolphin Research Australia Inc. Education Committee Coordinator

Dolphin Research Australia has education programs for all ages!!

Formal education has integrated creative learning, addressed emotional intelligence and focused on the environment and citizenship programs. Dolphin Research Australia’s programs and resources expand these learning experiences creating opportunities for children to develop awareness, creativity, inner strength, responsibility, respect and compassion. Each program focuses on engaging participants to help conserve our environment and promote awareness in the community towards environmental issues and ways each of us can help to protect it.

Each of our school education programs is designed to complement Australian school curriculum. They provide opportunities for teaching and learning through integrated curriculum (literacy, science, geography and PDHPE), with emphasis on one of the cross-curriculum priorities, Sustainability.

Primary School Single-Session Program: Dolphin World

Our Dolphin Education Team in action

Our Dolphin World Program provides children an introduction into the natural lives of dolphins and whales. Through story telling we immerse the children into the underwater world, explore the similarities between dolphins and people, conservation issues and so much more! We mix the story telling with games or activities and finish the session with a craft activity.

We can come to you as an incursion or we can organize an excursion at an alternative venue. The program is delivered by our knowledgeable marine educator team. This program is suitable for in-class, after school and special events.

The Dolphin World is a 1-1.5hr (depending on your needs) session and costs $15/student (minimum group size 12).

We offer a standard program of the dolphin world to new groups. But you don’t have to stop at one session – we offer a number of different sessions as part of this program so ask us back to your school for your children to learn even more about the marine world!

Suitable for students up to 11 years of age.

Primary School Multi-Session Program: Journey With Dolphins

Journey with Dolphins is an interactive program for primary schools. It aims to enhance the development of each child’s potential by providing a wide range of lifelong learning experiences. It uses the Multiple Intelligence model as a framework to help transform knowledge into wisdom and to empower children through projects that raise environmental awareness.

We should be the change we want to see in the world!  Based on this principle, Journey with Dolphins begins with a journey within, moving outwards to the group and then to the planet, as the ripple effect! With that in mind, Journey with Dolphins presents three modules:

Inner Dolphin – Self-awareness.  As …. says,’ we can only care for what we know’. The more we know ourselves, the more we grow. The more we know about our planet, the more we want to look after it!

Dolphin Education Team teaching in the great outdoors

This module has six sessions, each of which presents a theme that builds knowledge of dolphins and their environment as well as oneself through comparing and contrasting dolphins and humans. Each session presents a series of diverse activities that flow beautifully from one to another as they address the ‘multiple intelligence’ model.  An inspiring way to stimulate both brain hemispheres! There is a seventh session, which is the ‘celebration’, when children and families join Dolphin Research Australia Team for an experiential day, outdoors, to truly feel the connection with nature.

Pod of Dolphins – Group awareness. Groups play an important role from the moment we are born. The earlier we can coexist in a harmonious and healthy group environment, the more resources we will have to live our lives with resilience, wisdom and joy.

This module has six sessions, with three main themes explored in two sessions each. These are exciting themes that relate to the bigger picture: biodiversity of coasts and oceans; different dolphin species, from the smallest, Hector’s dolphins, to the largest, orcas; and our responsibility to creating and disposing of rubbish. Students have an opportunity to interact more as a group, build up team spirit and social skills.

Caring for the Planet – Environmental awareness. Once we have learnt about ourselves and each other, and we have come together as a group to work cooperatively, we can be clear about what decisions we can make to bring the changes for a sustainable world.

This module explores a diversity of environmental issues that are connected with the other modules. It presents opportunities for projects that should be carried out by the students after group discussions, decision making and careful planning. Each student should be aware that they bring to the group their unique gifts/strengths and as a team they can succeed in promoting changes in the larger community. The projects range from clean-up days to sustainable activities that support the local environment, e.g. our Adopt-a-Dolphin project, guardianship of local ecosystems, field trips etc.

In this module, the school is encouraged to join other organisations that are working on sustainable issues regarding the environment. In association, the school community and such organisations develop projects that are of benefit to both, empowering the students to exercise their leadership and citizenship. Parents are encouraged to engage in this module’s activities and events, either sharing their expertise in the field or joining the group for the intergenerational connection.

Journey with Dolphins is a program that allows the child to build up their knowledge of these amazing creatures and their environment and also encourages them to explore their own qualities/attributes in a creative and experiential way through a unique series of sessions.  This programme is compatible with the multiple intelligence model; each session follows a template that provides a wide range of activities which are integrated under a theme. Journey with Dolphins presents three modules, each of which has a different focus: self-awareness (immersing in one’s inner world), group awareness (building social skills) and environmental awareness (activating citizenship). Each module is enriched with an optional excursion organised by Dolphin Research Australia.

Each session is 1hr to 2hr (tailored to your group).

This program can be delivered over 5 weeks for all
sessions, or as a single session only.

Price: $15 (1 hour) $25 (2 hours)/session/student (min # group size 12 students)*

Please contact us for a quote and how we can tailor your group’s needs



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