Killer Whale

Killer Whale (c) E. Hawkins

  • Each of us can make a difference to help ensure the survival of marine mammals and other animals for future generations.
  • Pick up any rubbish on the beaches or near drains and dispose of properly.
  • Buy ‘dolphin safe’ tuna products.
  • Each sustainable seafood products.
  • Do not pour hazardous waste down the drain.
  • Reduce-reuse-recycle your garbage.
  • Be a responsible boater and abide by whale & dolphin-watching boating regulations.
  • When fishing, take any discarded line, bait packaging etc. with you when you leave and abide by marine parks fishing rules.
  • Support & join non-government organisation campaigns by offering your financial support, signing petitions and volunteering.
  • Write letters to local councils, state & federal government departments on issues that are affecting the environment and its wildlife.
  • Support whale & dolphin research in Australia by offering funding or voluntary services.
  • Set a good example for others in your use and enjoyment of the marine environment.

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