Summer Season 2010


Sonam & Dolphin

Volunteers Observing dolphin (c) D. Meagher 2010

Our summer field work has just come to an end. With the help of our fantastic volunteer team, it has been a month of fun, sun, rain, wind and good data. Our team collected GPS tracking data from atop of the Cape Byron Lighthouse as well as photographs, video and acoustic recordings from the boat and kayak. There was a lot of action in the water most days, and some great footage and data were collected over the four weeks of the season.

We had some amazing days out in the bay, which were made even more amazing by the fact that summer is peak calving season, and there were baby dolphins everywhere! We also saw many of the resident bottlenose dolphins and met many more. One day we saw close to 200 dolphins. Our photo-id catalogue is now up to 502 individual dolphins!

Towards the end of the season we were confronted by some big swells and storms on the tail end of a cyclone up north.  The dolphins didn’t seem to mind though, as they were surfing the big 3m swell. We were happy to be sitting up at the Lighthouse watching…

Thanks to everyone who helped out and to the dolphins for making it so such a great season!  Gallery >