Update from the Field

Common Dolphins

Common Dolphins leaping (c) E. Hawkins

The Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project team have been busy in the field in South East Queensland.  This season has had some great weather and the team of sighted Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, common dolphins and of course, bottlenose dolphins.  The last few surveys have seen a number of newborn common dolphins in groups resting off the Tweed/Kirra Beaches and also off the Southport Seaway.  It has been very interesting for the team to study these species which are still a big mystery.  There’s also been a couple of very special encounters with the migrating humpback whales that have greeted the research vessel during the surveys.  The research team will be out in the field until October 2011 in South East Queensland and are hoping to see some more of the resident bottlenose which haven’t yet been sighted again this season in Moreton Bay.