Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project

Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins at play near the Brisbane River Port, QLD

Our Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project has kicked off with a great start to the Winter 2014 field season.  The project which aims to assess the abundance and health status of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins is funded by the Australian Marine Mammal Centre and co-partnered with the Department of Environment & Heritage.

Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are a conservation priority both in Australia and abroad, with small fragmented populations in shallow inshore environments. The population in Moreton Bay occurs adjacent to one of Australia’s major cities and are exposed to numerous key threats.  This is the first project to assess the population in 27 years and it is the only population of this species that has some historical data available. Since 2011, the number of stranding incidence of humpback dolphins in South East Queensland have risen significantly and concerns have increased for the health of this population.  This project is critical in order to ensure the conservation of this species in the region and ensure the appropriate management of threatening processes in order to reduce the negative impacts on the health of both the dolphins and the environment they rely on.

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