Dolphin Research Australia Education Materials for Download

Learn about estuaries, why they are important to dolphins and other marine life and the threats they face in this interactive activity. Created by our education team for primary and early high school students.

Download the Healthy Waterways – Healthy Dolphins School Study Activity

Healthy Waterways Healthy Dolphins School Activity

What is the difference between a baleen whale and a toothed whale? What do they eat? Learn about the classification of whales and food chains in this school activity.

Download the Whale Classification & Food Chain School Student Activity

Whale classification & food web chains school activity

There are many dangers in the sea! Can you reach navigate through the threats and reach safe waters? Grab your favourite sea life play pieces and have fun with this printable board game.

Download the Cetacea World Board Game

Cetacea World Board Game

Download the Healthy Waterways-Healthy Dolphins Poster

Healthy Waterways-Healthy Dolphins Download

Download the Unhealthy Waterways- Unhealthy Dolphins Poster

Unhealthy Waterways-Unhealthy Dolphins Download

Download the Dolphin Monitoring & Citizen Science Poster

Dolphin Monitoring Poster

More Downloads

Download the Coastal Dolphin Species of Eastern Australia information pamphlet

coastal dolphin species id

Download the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin Fact Sheet

Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphin fact sheetSave

Download the Australian humpback dolphin Fact Sheet

Australian humpback dolphin fact sheet

Download the Moreton Bay Dolphin Booklet

Moreton Bay Dolphins Booklet

Download the Byron Bay Dolphin Booklet

Byron Bay Dolphins Booklet

Download the Save Our Marine Life Colouring in Page

save our marine life colour in

Our education team is currently working on lots of resources for you – fun activities and information kits coming your way soon – keep checking for updates!