Murwillumbah Dolphin Workshop

Come and join us for our next Dolphin Workshop being held this Thursday 1st November 2012 between 4.30pm and 6.30pm at Sathya Sai Primary School, Murwillumbah NSW.  Join the Dolphin Research Australia team and learn all about dolphins of our world.  Bookings are essential!  For more information go to our dolphin Training Workshops web page […]

Dolphin Workshop Nambucca Success!


The first of the Dolphin Sighting Network workshops, held on 22nd September 2012 at Nambucca Heads (Gumbaynggirr), NSW, was a great success!  We had a great turnout from the local Gumbaynggirr community who learnt all about the ecology of dolphins and how they can contribute to the little knowledge of dolphins in their community.  The […]

Navy Training Causes Whale Death?

A 3-year-old member of an endangered orca population in the Pacific North West found dead on a Washington State beach recently was blown up, according to Ken Balcomb, director of the locally-based Center for Whale Research. The body of Sooke, was found on the beach on February 11th 2012, just days after the Canadian Navy […]

Adopt-A-Dolphin & Win!

What better way to show a loved one you care by making them a dolphin guardian this Christmas! The SCU Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project has some beautiful dolphins up for adoption.  They are ambassadors for their species and the marine environment and they are in need of protection now more than ever! For only […]

Update from the Field

The Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project team have been busy in the field in South East Queensland.  This season has had some great weather and the team of sighted Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, common dolphins and of course, bottlenose dolphins.  The last few surveys have seen a number of newborn common dolphins in groups resting off […]

Humans implicated in multiple dolphin deaths

Human interference has been linked to multiple deaths of dolphins in recent months in Australia.  In December two neonate bottlenose dolphin calves were found to have fatal injuries from human interference.  One was found washed up on the Portsea Back Beach in Victoria, suffering a major trauma to its skull and jaw including a broken […]

Dolphins & Plastics

Throughout the world, the levels of plastic debris are increasing dramatically.  Recent research into the levels of plastic ingestion in Fransiscana dolphins (Pontoporia blainvillei) from Argentina demonstrate the levels of exposure coastal dolphins have to these potentially fatal sources of pollution.  Researchers found that of the 106 Franciscana dolphins studied, 28% had plastic debris in […]

Whale Fest 2011!!

Whale Fest 2011 is set to take off with a bang in celebration of the return of the humpback whales and their local cousins, the dolphins.  Whale Fest 2011 will showcase the rich cultural diversity of the northern NSW region as well as integrating science, conservation, education and art into one event in celebration of […]

Byron Bay Winter 2011 Season Begins

Our Winter 2011 dolphin research season in Byron Bay has just begun.  Our field team are rugged up and ready for this exciting season.  With a quiet start on Sunday and some cold rain on Monday, today was a great sunny day with lots of dolphins feeding and milling around Cape Byron.  This season will also […]

Dolphin Update from the Field

Our Gold Coast Dolphin Project is in its 3rd week and is making some great progress. Weather hasn’t been the greatest in past weeks, however we have still made many sightings and identifications of dolphins AND just yesterday spotted our very first Sousa (humpback dolphin)!!! Liz managed to sneak a quick dorsal fin shot in […]

New Insight into Humpback Whales

Tourist accidentally reveals new insight into humpback biology In the past decades researchers have discovered a lot about the secret life of humpback whales and their migration. This species is known to travel incredible distances from south to north and back (for example from Antarctica to the warmer waters of eastern Australia and Fiji) along […]