First Dolphin Sighting Network Workshop


  Have you ever wanted to learn about dolphins and how you can help to conserve them?  Then join the DEAP Dolphin Sighting Network.  The Network encourages members of the community to report their dolphin sightings.  A single sighting can be very useful for researchers.  You can become a certified member of the Dolphin Sighting Network by […]

Autumn 2010 season off to a good start

On Saturday 24th April, we began our Autumn 2010 field season.  Beautiful warm sunny weather greeted us as well as the dolphins.  The research kayak had a great encounter with a group off Watego’s Beach. The team captured some big leaps and a newborn bottlenose dolphin calf.  We are looking forward to the rest of […]

Preparations begin for Autumn 2010

We’re busy getting ready for the next Dolphin Ecology & Acoustic Project’s research field season in Byron Bay.  The Autumn research season is set to begin 24th April 2010 to 10th May 2010.  For two weeks we will once again be on the water and up the top of the Cape Byron Lighthouse logging the […]

Adopt your own Dolphin!


  You can adopt your very own dolphin from Byron Bay and help support the research.  This month, we will be officially launching our Dolphin Adoption Program. By becoming a guardian of a dolphin, you will be able to keep track and learn about your dolphin with the researchers.  Check out our Adopt-A-Dolphin page for […]

17captured dolphins to be released

  A controversial live dolphin trader, Chris Porter, is apparently set to release 17 dolphins that are currently being held in a temporary enclosure in the Solomon Islands ready for live export to captive dolphin facilities. The controversial dolphin broker and marine mammal trainer, who trained Tillikum the killer whale when he was at Sealand […]

Our very own research vessel!

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Our Very Own Research Vessel! Thanks to our sponsors, the Cape Byron Marine Park Authority, GoSea Kayaks and Bunyips Outdoor camping store we now have our very own research vessel… A Hobie Odyssey kayak!  After a little getting used too, and a few man overboard incidents, we now have the capacity to paddle out into […]

The Cudgen Creek Dolphin Rescue


CUDGEN CREEK DOLPHIN RESCUE On the 2nd of February 2010, two bottlenose dolphins were rescued from Cudgen Creek in Kingscliff, NSW. We had received news a few days earlier that there were three dolphins that seemed to be trapped in a very small area in the Creek. We headed up to monitor these dolphins to […]

Summer Season 2010

SUMMER SEASON 2010 Our summer field work has just come to an end. With the help of our fantastic volunteer team, it has been a month of fun, sun, rain, wind and good data. Our team collected GPS tracking data from atop of the Cape Byron Lighthouse as well as photographs, video and acoustic recordings […]

Beaked Whale Stranding


Beaked Whale Stranding On the 2nd of February this year a rare and very strange looking animal was found on a beach just south of the Tweed River mouth at Fingal Head. The animal was found to be belonging to the Toothed Whale family, specifically a Blainville’s Beaked whale (Mesoplodon densirostris). These whales can grow […]