Next Dolphin Sighting Network Workshop

The next Dolphin Sighting Network workshop will be held at the Ramada Hotel in Ballina, 30th September 2010 from 6pm- 8pm.  Come and learn all about dolphin ecology, their biology & how you can help the research team learn more about Australia’s dolphin populations.  By coming along to one of our workshops you will become […]

DEAP heads to the Gold Coast


The DEAP team has been awarded a $71,000 national competitive grant from the Australian Marine Mammal Centre to study dolphins in the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads region. The grant will fund research that will investigate the abundance and habitat preferences of coastal dolphins from Jumpinpin near South Stradbroke Island to the Tweed river mouth. […]

Dolphin Sighting Network Workshop

Come and learn all about dolphin biology and ecology at our upcoming Dolphin Sighting Network Workshop, 6th August 2010 at the Gecko House, Currumbin, Qld.  The workshop covers all sorts of topics including how dolphins feed, how they recognise each other, how you can identify different species and how you can become part of the […]

Winter Season 2010 Ends


The Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project Winter 2010 field season has now come to an end.  We had some great weather along the way, with some of the clearest visibility we’ve seen all year.  Lots of dolphins as always and also lots of feeding with lots of prey species migrating along the coast.  We were […]

Oil Spill Effects Cetaceans of the Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico oil leak continues to spill out over 4 million litres (higher end estimate) of oil each day and is one of the worst that has occurred on Earth.  It began over 70 days ago and now stretches along 190km of coastline.  The spill threatens the very core of the natural ecosystems […]

Marine Debris Causes Whale Deaths

A recent paper published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin reports on the results of the cause of death of two sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) stranded in 2008 along the coast of California.  The cause of death was a result of the ingestion of large amounts of fishing net scraps, rope and other plastic debris that […]

TO THE SEA Art Exhibition & Fundraiser

TO THE SEA A DOLPHIN ECOLOGY AND ACOUSTICS PROJECT SPECIAL EVENT. To celebrate the launch of DEAP’s two newest programs ‘Adopt a Dolphin’ and ‘The Dolphin Sighting Network’ we’re throwing ourselves a little fundraiser. And what better way to do so than through an ode to the seaside represented in the artworks and photographs donated […]

Autumn 2010 season ends with a blast!

Our Dolphin Ecology & Acoustics Project autumn2010 season has now come to a close.  It was another successful series of data collection.  Each day we had some great dolphin action with lots of surfing and socialising.  We were blessed with some great weather and got some good kayaking surveys in.  We also saw the first of […]

Snubfin dolphins under threat

The Australian snubfin dolphin, which closely resembles the Irrawaddy dolphin, is Australia’s only endemic dolphin species. These dolphins are found in small, isolated populations inhabiting shallow coastal waters around northern Australia from Broome to the Brisbane River. The snubfin dolphin is not thought to be a common species and is listed as ‘rare’ under the […]

Plastic debris in stomach of gray whale

On April 18th, on the other side of the world, an adult male gray whale was found dead on the shores of West Seattle in the United States.  Although the cause of death is not currently known, researchers from Cascadia Research found some unusal stomach contents.  In the stomach of the gray whale there was 20 […]

First Dolphin Sighting Network Workshop


  Have you ever wanted to learn about dolphins and how you can help to conserve them?  Then join the DEAP Dolphin Sighting Network.  The Network encourages members of the community to report their dolphin sightings.  A single sighting can be very useful for researchers.  You can become a certified member of the Dolphin Sighting Network by […]

Autumn 2010 season off to a good start

On Saturday 24th April, we began our Autumn 2010 field season.  Beautiful warm sunny weather greeted us as well as the dolphins.  The research kayak had a great encounter with a group off Watego’s Beach. The team captured some big leaps and a newborn bottlenose dolphin calf.  We are looking forward to the rest of […]